Since the first parade in 2007, the NYDP have ticketed folks walking in parade or audience members along the parade route not having fun or NOT DANCING.  The NYDP formed as a reaction to the New York City Police Department’s Cabaret Task force of the 1990’s and 2000’s in which, bars, clubs and restaurants were ticketed or shutdown for having patrons who danced.  The 1926 Cabaret License was challenged in 2006 in the State Supreme Court by four groups of dancers who argued that not being able to dance socially infringed on their freedom of speech.  The dancers lost their case and the city’s cabaret licensing requirement remains on the books but before the appeal took place, Dance Parade aimed to who through many forms of dance that social dance is indeed expressive.  For more information about this movement, go to


The New York Dance Police (NYDP) ticket folks for NOT dancing, issuing summons to free or discounted dance classes or parties.  Volunteers receive a hat, t-shirt, whistle and ticket book and are also asked to distribute programs to audience members along the parade route.

A brief meetup will occur a week or two before the 10th Annual Dance Parade and Festival.  We hope you’ll join us to shake up the city with more dance.